Breadth of Significance

six years is too long

six months is too short.

and if we meet in the middle

i’d reflect

that it’s too



either side.

it took 2 15-point turns to get


the torrential streetview turned

into modules of mobiles

but i’m still standing – not up, not literally –

supported by the coolness

of a cement ceiling whose

chill lends a cinematicness

to my ruptured stance.

and rising above the lasered

lights of frantic cars,

i’d drop my ash and your name below



Structural Soundness

they tell me the function

of this ediface –

a dome

of palladian precision,

engineered so exactly.

but your sinuous body stretched

above me

is a pavilion

of serpentine criminality

sculpted from an artist

and more intoxicating than

an architect’s grandeur.


45 Degree Angle




Excitement infects my every


getting a rise

off the thought of

an invitation — personal, problematic —


will arrive at 10:09PM

past my bedtime

but not my threshold.

tolerance is reserved for politics

edurance is (shock) blanketed over lovers.


my eyes get wider,

naiveté flashes and dies

and the soul itself brittels and jades

emerald and new

but false, hard, and far away.

one more time tilted round the sound.

this isn’t a cute position,

this shape shouldn’t define

my path is vertical and

it seems

you can’t reach it.

Acetone Cotton

Pull your corner up

tightly to match mine.

the synchronicity of

simple movements

smooth a smile

across my face.

Hand over hand,

clean and serene,

comfort embedded in two layers.

Tucked in your embrace,

a sensuous calm slides

upon our bodies–

each fiber playing on

my leg in perfect harmony

with your fingertips.

Stretched abreast the white expanse,

the sheets become a liaison for our

bodies to merge.

Hold on tight,

envelope every corner

with your touch.

Piano Player

The rollercoaster of red velvet swells under the curve of my arm,

Symbiotic, reaching to taste the wine

of synthetic vibrations

as ivory as the bead upon your brow.

Tempo is key.

The languid hand of the poisoned beauty positions itself mockingly on

the manchette–captivated and oriented

but sleep is not death.



by some invisible chord warming its way to my brain, my heart.

Fingers twitch, fingers move, fingers harmonize,


Relish with transcendence the triad from the piano

choir, whose touch can rival that of its master’s

on my body, but penetrates to my soul.



get involved in a land war in Asia.

Now, discuss.

What, exactly, does involvement entail?

Involution, involvation, correction–


Participation in something,

It’s sexier in Spanish but it gets the


across. Actions are central and

they speak louder

than words.

Actions make you





in love.

I’m the General here, you don’t

get to control the way I feel.

Field the army it’s time to fight back.

But in front of the rectangular blue glow

and the black holes it’s hard to steady


Stuck inside pondering the 80-20 rules

underneath the overcrowded Spotify sessions that make

up the working hours,

it’s the face of a friend I see.

Get out. Just drink until you’re exhausted but

not until you’re drunk.

I’ve been told never get involved with the ones (physically)

closest to you. No middle ground.

Excuse me while I watch, excuse me as I slip.

You can’t hang on to the same bus pole as someone else,

this isn’t Canada.

So call the cab I’m taking–making–

an Irish exit.